Testing One's Own Imagination

Hey ya'll! Check out this article (linked below) written for the Maine College of Art website, where I detail some of my thought process that goes into creating my monoprinted etchings and relief prints, then go take a second look back at the monoprints I have on this website! Many of them are made using a process I talk about in this article, where an "empty stage" matrix is created, designed to be filled with other variations of smaller prints to tell different visual stories.

Portland Pechakucha 2017

In October of 2017, I gave this Pechakucha presentation on how I keep my art practice fun using monotyping and relief printmaking techniques, and got to tell some stories about how I maintain a process that can be feel a lot like playing.  I love any opportunity that gives me a platform to convince people creating "fine art" can be similar to creating a castle of legos or weaving a storyline between two action figures as a child- hope you enjoy this video of my talk!